Company History


Playing an integral part in Saudi Arabia’s progress &
Sustainable Development

ARASCO’s commitment to excellence is pivotal to its success. Through the years, it has been playing a major role in contributing to the progress and development of Saudi Arabia and has created a positive impact not only in the country but in the global scenario.


Outstanding reputation. Unmatched quality.

Since its inception, ARASCO has built an outstanding reputation in the KSA
and the Middle East with its unmatched strengths and capabilities.

Leveraging business synergies

ARASCO takes pride in its diverse portfolio of highly integrated Strategic Business Units (SBUs).
ARASCO Feed, the largest provider of high-quality animal nutrition; ARASCO Food, one of the fastest growing chicken producers in KSA with its premium poultry brand Entaj; Middle East Food Solutions Company (MEFSCO), which supplies the highest quality food and beverage ingredients & solutions; IDAC Merieux, which offers integrated food analytical services and solutions to ensure food safety & quality; ALEMAR International, the largest distributor of agricultural and veterinary products; and ARASCO Logistics, one of the largest logistics services providers.
Leveraging the synergies among these businesses empowers ARASCO to reach its optimum capability to provide quality products and services that significantly impact the industry and improve the quality of life.

Making a difference through innovation

ARASCO is highly invested in innovation to meet the rapidly changing needs of the industry. We strive to focus on developing better products and services and discovering new opportunities. We foster innovation through intensive research and development, in collaboration with reputable universities, institutions and suppliers locally and internationally, to enhance our competitive advantage and support our vision to play an integral part in the food supply chain.
One revolutionary breakthrough of ARASCO is WAFI, the unique all-in-one game-changing compound feed we developed for feeding livestock that drastically reduces the water footprint of animal farming. Also, we pioneered an innovative method of poultry farming through ARASCO Food that can adapt to harsh weather conditions with low mortality rates and increased productivity. In addition, we have conceived innovative solutions for food and beverage companies through the cutting-edge quality food ingredients and services of IDAC Merieux and MEFSCO. These are just a few world-class innovations that ARASCO has unveiled through the years, creating a profound impact in the food industry’s history.

Unique & Efficient Supply Chain

One of the distinctive strengths of ARASCO is its highly efficient supply chain that makes the best use of its own resources, offering utmost capability to effectively manage its operations in terms of quality, cost and availability, making it one of the most dependable food security companies in the region.
We utilize our own vessels to transport bulk agricultural commodities from various countries such as Argentina, Brazil and USA to Saudi Arabia. These cargos are then securely handled in Dammam Port and stored in our bio-secure silos and warehouses. Through ARASCO’s various transportation modes, we deliver raw ingredients to our cutting-edge mills, where quality feeds are manufactured according to strict hygiene protocols. These feeds are then delivered to farms with our very own trucks, while distributors represent us at feed markets. ARASCO’s rich poultry farms and state-of-the-art broiler processing plant supply fresh, tasty and affordable poultry products to retail markets.

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