Boosting ARASCO’s growth through local &
international partnerships

Learn more about the major local & international joint ventures we have established throughout the years that boost ARASCO’s continuous growth and stability. Our partnerships with global companies empower us to successfully meet our goals and keep up with the industry’s growing demands.

Vital partnership delivering world-class supply chain management services

In 2012, ARASCO established a joint venture with Bahri, one of the world’s largest shipping companies and an award-winning global logistics solutions provider that is highly committed to delivering the best results for all its stakeholders with its world-class fleet.
With ARASCO being the largest importer of agricultural raw materials, the strategic partnership paved the way to establish Bahri Dry Bulk (BDB), Saudi Arabia’s premier bulk carrier that offers highly efficient supply chain management services and expertise.
Since 2013, Bahri Dry Bulk has been successfully operating a significant number of bulk vessels, with an individual capacity of 85,000 dead weight tonnage. The partnership consistently enhances its efforts to expand its operations and increase its naval fleet within the coming years. Four new dry bulk ships were delivered by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) in 2020.

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Global joint venture empowering ARASCO’s continuous growth

Cargill is a global provider specializing in food, agriculture, nutrition and risk management services. It has been operating for over 155 years with 155,000 professionals across 70 countries, fulfilling its commitment to feed the world responsibly, reducing environmental impact and improving the condition of various communities.
Driven by a mutual mission to deliver quality products while ensuring food safety, nutrition and sustainability, ARASCO formed a partnership with Cargill in 2013 to produce and market food ingredients. This first global joint venture for ARASCO led to the restructuring ARASCO Corn Products and the establishment of the Middle East Food Solutions Company (MEFSCO). MEFSCO is a renowned partnership between ARASCO, MENA’s largest producer of corn starch and its derivatives, and Cargill, one of the world’s largest food companies and a leader in food technology development worldwide.
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Global joint venture empowering ARASCO’s continuous growth

In 2014, ARASCO started a joint venture with Merieux NutriSciences, a global network of over 100 accredited laboratories across 27 countries. With this strategic partnership, IDAC Merieux was established and further strengthened ARASCO’s status as a leading global company that provides world-class services.
Merieux has been providing expertise in food science for more than 50 years and is one of the world’s top companies that offers testing, auditing, consulting, training, and research services to meet the requirements of manufacturers, food processors, and retailers around the globe.
Through its top-notch services, IDAC Merieux supports different sectors in the food industry to effectively provide safe and high-quality food products in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
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