Middle East Food Solutions Company

Provides the highest quality food ingredients
& solutions in the Middle East

Formerly known as ARASCO Corn Products supplying the Gulf region since 2003, MEFSCO was established in 2013 as a joint venture between ARASCO & Cargill. It is ARASCO’s corn starch and glucose syrup manufacturing business arm, the only manufacturer of its kind in the GCC region delivering high quality products for over 14 years.

MEFSCO Products

MEFSCO produces starch, glucose syrup and glucose-fructose syrup used for food and industrial purposes. They are made from the best quality corn grown from high-yielding farms and passed stringent quality inspections.

Glucose-fructose, its newest ingredient is a versatile sweetener used worldwide in food and beverage sectors as an efficient and quality alternative for sugar.

MEFSCO Solutions

Middle East Food Solutions Company (MEFSCO), manufactures, sells and distributes high quality food ingredients throughout the Gulf region and further empowers its customers with application solutions.

Bulk Solution

The bulk solution offers more benefits than the conventional transit using drums, such as enhancing operational efficiency, hygiene standards, and cost-effectiveness and ensuring higher quality of food.

Inventory Management Solution

Through our high-quality warehouses that adhere to strict hygiene standards, we have the capability to store large stocks and ensure timely delivery of products anywhere in the Middle East.

Technical Information Solution

Our team of specialists in food ingredients and applications provides our customers with technical expertise and necessary support during recipe development and reformulation, troubleshooting, and ingredient implementation.

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