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  • Where is ARASCO located?

    ARASCO’s main headquarters is located in Riyadh. It also has different business units and facilities in Riyadh, Kharj, and Dammam.

  • How can I contact ARASCO to know more about its products and services?

    You can get in touch with ARASCO here.

  • What are the working hours in ARASCO?

    ARASCO is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Sun – Thu)

  • How can I contact ARASCO for non-compliance reporting?

    Call the hotline 2999 (inside the company) or +966 11 261 2999 (from inside or outside KSA) or through WhatsApp on the same number. You can also email BeHeard@arasco.com.

  • What services does ARASCO offer?
    • Animal feed formulation & production
    • Corn-based food ingredients for the F&B industry
    • Nationwide distribution of farming & food products
    • Poultry farming & processing
    • Analytical services for the total feed-to-food value chain
    • Consumer food brand development
    • Procurement & risk management of agricultural commodities
    • Sea transport of dry bulk commodities & stevedoring services
    • Road and rail transport of bulk Agri-products
    • Handling and storage of grain and protein meals
  • Does ARASCO comply to quality standards?

    Yes. ARASCO and its business units have achieved a number of quality certifications which demonstrate its commitment to quality and excellence, including ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, ISO 22000:2005 for food safety, ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management, and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety.

  • What are ARASCO’s six strategic business units (SBUs)?
    • ARASCO Feed – The largest provider of high-quality animal nutrition in the region.
    • ARASCO Food – One of the largest chicken producers in KSA with its premium poultry brand ‘Entaj’
    • Middle East Food Solutions Company (MEFSCO) – Provides quality food and beverage ingredients & solutions
    • IDAC Merieux – Offers integrated food analytical services and solutions
    • ALEMAR International – A major distributor of agricultural and veterinary products
    • ARASCO Logistics – Logistics services provider
  • What are the products of ARASCO Feed?
    • Livestock feed (Wafi feed, Lamb Starter feed, Wafi Breeder feed)
    • Horses feed, pigeons feed, dairy cows feed, poultry feed (Broiler feed, Layer feed, Breeder feed)
    • Aqua feed (Marine fish feed, Tilapia feed and Shrimp feed)
    • Mixtures of forage (Vitamins and minerals pre-mixes)
    • Feed inputs (Di-Calcium Phosphate)
  • What is WAFI Feed?

    WAFI Feed is one of the major breakthroughs of ARASCO Feed that was launched in 2005 as a result of intensive research and development. It is an innovative all-in one complete feed for camels, sheep and goats, that is water-efficient and provides optimal dietary intake.

  • Can I become a WAFI product distributor?

    Yes. You can contact us here if you are interested to become a WAFI product distributor.

  • Does ARASCO provide halal poultry?

    Yes. ARASCO provides premium halal poultry to consumers through ARASCO Food.

  • What is Entaj?

    Entaj is the fastest-growing premium chicken brand of ARASCO Food.

  • What does ‘air-chilled chicken’ mean?

    Air-chilled chicken, such as Entaj, is chilled in a temperature-controlled chamber that makes use of purified cold air and carefully monitored within a specific number of hours, which prevents bacterial growth and prevents excessive loss of water content, making the chicken more tender and juicier.

  • Does ARASCO Food only provide chicken in the market?

    No, besides chicken, ARASCO provides eggs and fresh red meat products.

  • Is there an application for ordering ARASCO food products?

    Yes, you can order ARASCO food products through their app via: https://store.entajfoods.com

  • How can I contact ARASCO Food/Entaj?

    You can contact ARASCO Food/Entaj here.

  • What food ingredients does MEFSCO provide?

    MEFSCO produces starch, glucose syrup and glucose-fructose syrup used for food and industrial purposes.

  • What is glucose-fructose?

    Glucose-fructose is a versatile sweetener used worldwide in food and beverage sectors as an efficient and quality alternative for sugar. It is the newest ingredient offered by MEFSCO.

  • Does MEFSCO offer other services aside from providing food ingredients?

    Yes. MEFSCO also offers Bulk Solution, Inventory Management Solution and Technical Information Solution.

  • Where does MEFSCO operate?

    MEFSCO has a world-class facility in Al Kharj, 120 km. South of Riyadh.

  • How can I contact MEFSCO?

    You can find MEFSCO’s contact information here.

  • Does IDAC Merieux provide auditing services?

    Yes. It provides auditing services of food safety management systems.

  • Does IDAC Merieux provide sample collection service from the customer site?

    Yes, IDAC Merieux is the only laboratory in the region to offer customers a customized sample collection service through our fleet of temperature-controlled trucks in all GCC countries.

  • What are the food testing services offered by IDAC Merieux?

    For food testing, IDAC Merieux conducts nutritional data analyses, shelf-life studies and several product safety tests to ensure food compliance, as well as sensory evaluation services.

  • How can I contact IDAC Merieux?

    You can find the different branches of IDAC Merieux across Saudi Arabia with contact details here.

  • What are the products of Al Emar International?

    Al Emar International provides Agri-chemical products such as fertilizers, crop protection, organic agriculture, and seeds, including consulting services. It also offers veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products, as well as disinfectants and detergents, feed additives, vaccines and serums.

  • How can I contact Al Emar International?

    You can find different branches and contact details of Al Emar International here.

  • Does ARASCO Logistics provide 3PL solutions?

    Yes. ARASCO Logistics offers 3PL (third-party logistics) solutions for warehousing and transportation services in KSA.

  • Where does ARASCO Logistics provide loading and offloading services?

    ARASCO Logistics is a major stevedore at the King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam.

  • How many fleets of vehicles does ARASCO Logistics own and operate?

    ARASCO Logistics own and operate a growing fleet of 550 trucks and 150 railcars. It also operates 5 bulk vessels in partnership with Bahri, which is set to expand to 20 in the future.

  • How can I contact ARASCO Logistics?

    You can contact ARASCO Logistics here.

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