Executive Management



With proven expertise, wealth of experience and outstanding track record of leadership and strategic management, our accomplished leaders have established an exceptional reputation in creating unique solutions and enabling the organization to achieve its goals and reach new heights.

Mr. Nasser A. Abanmi

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ali A. Alajroush

Chief Financial Officer (A)

Mr. Ali A. Al-Ghamdi

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mr. Khalid M. Ghandourah

Chief Shared Services Officer

Mr. Mohammad M. Abu Deiab

Chief Internal Audit Officer

Mr. Mathqal H. Al-Enzi

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer (A)

Eng. Maged O. Elnenaei

President, ARASCO Feed

Mr. Ziyad A. Al-Sheikh

President, ARASCO Food

Mr. Yusuf M. Wazirzada

President, MEFSCO

Mr. Raslan A. A-Enazi

President, IDAC

Mr. Saeed A. Al-Ghamdi

President, ARASCO Logistics

Mr. Asad A. Al-Ghamdi

General Counsel

Eng. Khalid A. Alghamdi

HSSE Director

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