Supply Chain

Our efficient supply chain with timely delivery and quality insurance and tight control allows us to consider our self's a food security company.

We have developed a supply chain that affords us exclusive control over quality, cost and availability. For this reason, we can rightfully call ourselves a food security company.

At ARASCO, our supply chain is unique because:
•    We utilise our own vessels to transport agri bulk commodities (mainly grains and protein meals) from countries of origin such as Argentina, Brazil and USA to Saudi Arabia.
•    We handle these cargos ourselves in Dammam Port and then store the commodities in our own biosecure silos and warehouses.
•    Next, using our own means of transportation (including fleet, trucks or rail), we bring these raw ingredients to our state-of-the-art feed mills, where we manufacture quality feeds according to strict hygiene process.
•    With our own trucks, we deliver these feeds to farms, while distributors represent us at feed markets.
•    Our own poultry farms and ultramodern broiler processing plant then provide the retail sector with fresh, tasty and affordable poultry products.

Thus, we refer to ourselves as a pipeline from plant growers, based elsewhere, to a dairy, egg and meat product supplier of local supermarkets and other retail and food service.