Social Responsibility


Creating a positive change in the society and environment

With its commitment to make a difference by providing sustainable solutions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, ARASCO is deeply involved in creating holistic strategies and initiatives that will have an enduring positive impact to the society and environment

Food Security

ARASCO is a key enabler in achieving food security in Saudi Arabia. As the country’s natural environment is characterized by extremely high temperatures with limited water resources, we have invested our efforts in providing the country with sustainable and innovative solutions that will not utilize water for feed production, while still being able to provide consumers with fresh animal protein products.
ARASCO’s WAFI complete feed is one major breakthrough that greatly contributes to KSA’s food security, feeding more than 1 million animals daily and serving as a solid evidence that alternative feeding regimes can greatly enhance livestock productivity, increase profitability and promote sustainability. Moreover, to ensure the sufficient availability of safe and quality feed and food ingredients and keep up with the increasing demands, we enhance food security by boosting our production and output. To date, ARASCO has a massive storage capacity for feed and food ingredients of over 450,000 metric tons in total, which is among the world’s largest. We have also established strong connections with the top 10 global supply companies, sharing a mutual vision and responsibility to be an advocate of food security.

Water Security

According to the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture (Year 2015), the country’s total annual water consumption is estimated at 24.8 billion cubic meters, where 20.8 billion cubic meters are used for agriculture. Forage crops irrigation utilizes 13.9 billion cubic meters, which was 67% of the total water consumption by the agricultural sector.
ARASCO has taken concrete steps to tackle this alarming rate and to significantly reduce water consumption in Saudi Arabia. We have invested in a dynamic supply chain for our raw materials, and now we have a 5 million MT handling capacity. We have also developed WAFI complete feed that provides optimal nourishment and is undergoing continuous development while we create our water-wise product range. Recently, we have added 2 million tons to our feed manufacturing capacity, which fulfils the nationwide demand, decreases water consumption, and contributes to the country’s strategy to preserve non-renewable water.

Food Safety

We believe that everyone deserves access to safe and healthy food. A few of the crucial measures we have implemented to ensure food safety are utilizing bio-secure storage facilities for our raw materials; building our poultry farms in remote locations to minimize human interference, daily cleaning and disinfection of our bulk trucks prior to delivery, using NIRS technology when receiving raw materials and dispatching feed products, and carefully monitoring our production processes through our expert laboratory analysis team and facilities.
Also, our business processes are ISO certified and undergo regular auditing and upgrading to adhere to the highest manufacturing and management standards.

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