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Welcome to ARASCO! We are a team of over 2900 passionate and proud employees serving the food security sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From our humble origins in 1983, to our current strengths across the farm-to-plate value chain, and to our future aspirations of becoming the number one contributor to sustainable food security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this website offers a portal into the world of ARASCO.

Since its inception, ARASCO has been guided by a strong commitment to enhancing our customers’ experience, creating positive impact for the Saudi farming communities, and supporting environmental sustainability. We were the pioneers of formulated animal nutrition in the Kingdom and are national leaders in this sector today. ARASCO’s animal protein brand Entaj offers several premium poultry, red meat, and egg products. Through our other strategic business units (SBUs) and joint venture companies, we offer various products and services like agricultural and veterinary solutions; corn-based food ingredients and solutions; food safety, laboratory, and quality solutions; and logistics management and food grain handling solutions.

Today ARASCO stands on the cusp of change. On one side lie the traditions and wisdom of food & agricultural sector gathered over hundreds of years of civilization and on the other end is the changing business environment with market volatility, evolving customer needs, digitalization, need for operational excellence & supply chain optimization, and a demand for sustainable solutions. ARASCO sees these challenges as an opportunity to serve customers and stakeholders better.
Building on its legacy and over 35 years of trust invested by its customers, ARASCO is transforming itself to ride the wave of future changes with continual improvement, research & innovation, and change management. Through our transformation, not only do we want to be more empathetic to the needs of our customers and to be their supplier of choice, we are also investing in becoming a preferred employer of excellent talent. Another key focus of our transformation efforts is on becoming more value conscious to drive sustainable profitability and wealth creation for all our stakeholders.

As you browse this website, you will discover our vibrant community driven by ARASCO Values and passionately serving our noble mission of sustainable food security for the Kingdom.

Naseer A. Abanmi

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