Water Security

Learn about the concrete steps we have taken to drastically reduce the amount of water consumed by our nation.

Water is Saudi Arabia’s scarcest natural resource.

•    The Kingdom’s total annual water consumption is estimated at 18 billion cubic meters (m3). (source Saudi Ministry of Agriculture)
•    Of this, 15 billion m3 is used on agricultural activities.
•    Until 2015, irrigation of forage crops amounted to 6 billion m3- one third of the total water demand, and 40% of total consumption by the agricultural sector. 

It has alwayes been our view that this can be completely avoided.

How we’re alleviating KSA’s water dependency
At ARASCO, we have taken bold steps to tackle the nations’ alarming rate of water consumption:

1.    We have invested in a robust supply chain for our raw materials. In 2015, and are now benefiting from this investment by having 5 million MT handling capacity.

2.    Our R&D team has developed WAFI feed, a product with the proven ability (double-digit growth for ten years) to optimally nourish camels, goats and sheep. WAFI remains under continual further development and we have added a new produce EDRAR to this portfolio which is a complete feed foe dairy cows.

3.    We have added 2 million tons to our feed milling to become 4 million tons in production capacity, allowing us to fulfil the nationwide demand and contribute to the Kingdom’s strategy to preserve renewable water and help decrease agriculture water consumption.