Food Security

We play a critical role in securing food for the population of Saudi Arabia.

We consider ourselves a key enabler in the process of securing quality food for the population of Saudi Arabia.  

Like other countries, the Kingdom aspires to increase its self-sufficiency with regards to food production. The natural environment is however characterised by harsh deserts, extremely high temperatures with water scarcity. 

At ARASCO,our view has  always been that water should not be used for the production of feed crops, since this can best be done in countries equipped with the necessary natural resources after 20 years of consistent campaigning, backed by product which can fully replace locally grown fodders the Saudi governments has stepped in to phase out all fodders production within the Kingdom to protect water resources.

ARASCO's Wafi and Edrar complete feed have paved the way to this wise decision.

How we’re prioritizing KSA’s food security?
Our role is to bring the best ingredients to Saudi Arabia in large quantities in order to manufacture these efficiently into food products for human consumption.

Seeing as this business process can take up to three months, our storage capacity for feed and food ingredients is among the world’s largest.

We build continuously on our relationships with the Top 10 global supply companies. The longstanding connections we share with our suppliers are built on trust, affording us the peace of mind that we can rely on them in our joint responsibility for food security.