Poultry Products

Entaj is Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing quality chicken meat consumer brand

Who We Are
We are the brand of Arasco Foods since 2004 and have become amongst the most significant producers of poultry in the Kingdom. Our production capacity reaches over 40 million birds annually, hence ranking us as one of the fastest growing amongst chicken producers in the Kingdom and this is despite Arasco Food’s relatively recent inception.

Saudi Chicken Made Right
Our slogan sums up what we stand for and what are we all about… “Saudi Chicken Made Right”. Our chicken tastes right, is packed right, is handled right, is marinated right… everything about it is just right! We are also Saudi and proud and understand what Saudi consumers are looking for in their chicken and aim to deliver to them just that.
What We Believe
 We believe in serving the people of KSA with high quality poultry products produced here locally in the Kingdom using world class environmentally sustainable technologies. In addition, we believe in educating the public about poultry by disseminating accurate information about everything related to poultry ranging from how to shop for the right poultry product to how to cook it in the best way. We are also strong believers in transparency, whereby we strive to be transparent in all the areas of our business.
What We Take Pride In
 We take pride in being a Saudi company offering premium halal poultry to our consumers.

Entaj’s Premiumness
Premium Air Chilled Chicken
Entaj operates using air chilling for its slaughtered chicken, which results in making the chicken tenderer & juicier whilst retaining more of its natural flavor.
Premium Quality Standards
Entaj has acquired Quality Certificates ISO 22000:205 and ISO 9001:2000 for adhering to its utmost compliance with the stringent regulations required by industry standards and out of its desire to provide consumers with top quality chicken.
Premium State of the Art Facilities
Entaj has invested in state of the art technology and equipment for each stage of the poultry producing process right from the breeder farms to the hatchery, then on to the broiler farms and ending with the poultry processing plant. Also operating and supervising their efficient and effective utility are high qualified and experienced managers and personnel ensuring that we achieve our ultimate goal of producing high quality chicken to our consumers.
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