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Chairman Message

As a strategy focused organization, ARASCO has a clear vision and mission about its key role as a leading player in the field of food security. Based on its values, ARASCO is committed to the fact that it ignores any activity that has no comparative advantage with a far sighted outlook for the future. Our overall activities in all the SBUs are in line and complemented to each other resulting in achieving an operational excellence at all levels of the business. Accordingly our future is to undertake horizontal as well as vertical expansion in the existing and future plans. Our experience and highly capable workforce is our real capital in achieving our strategic goals.

Message from our CEO

Since its inception, ARASCO's mission has been to support food and water security in a sustainable manner in the kingdom and the region. Food and water security is such a highly sensitive priority for any nation; it can be achieved only through self-empowerment.

2017 - Another year of growth

Today we differentiate ourselves through highly professional best industry practices, leveraging positive values to interact with people and the environment towards empowering our society in an increasingly globalized world.